TOC – Association for the Development of Sustainable Communities from Zaječar, with the support of the World Health Organization in Serbia, implemented a public campaign to promote vaccination in several cities in southeastern Serbia. In the period from March 20 to 24, 2023, in partnership with volunteer centers from Majdanpek, Aleksinac, Bor, Knjaževac and Zaječar, TOC organized actions in these cities with the aim of informing citizens about additional protection against Covid 19.

The goal of this activity was to inform as many citizens as possible about the new two-wave vaccine, i.e. booster dose of vaccines against Covid-19, which is primarily intended for citizens over 60 years of age, as well as all fellow citizens living with some chronic diseases. As part of the action, members of the TOC team informed the citizens of Zaječar through a conversation and distribution of promotional material about the importance of vaccination protection, as well as the fact that the Covid pandemic is not over yet and that you should protect yourself and others.

Also, during the actions, the citizens of Gara were reminded that vaccination actions will be organized for all interested citizens, in cooperation with the Health Centers from these cities, according to the established schedule, and for all interested citizens who received information about the possibility of vaccination against Covid 19 through public action on Liberation Square.

Given that the Covid-19 epidemic is ongoing, it is very important to get vaccinated and protect yourself from the more severe forms of this disease, and we invite all those interested to come and get vaccinated!

In Serbia, these activities are carried out by several citizens’ associations, among which is TOC, which carries out vaccination promotion activities in 7 cities in Serbia, i.e. in Niš, Zaječar, Knjaževac, Bor, Majdanpek, Sokobanja and Aleksinac. The campaign to promote vaccination against Covid-19 in Zaječar is organized by TOC in cooperation with the Zaječar Health Center, with the support of the World Health Organization and USAID, which, in cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Serbia, provide support for the promotion of vaccination against Covid-19 in Serbia as part of the project “Support of civil society organizations in engagement in the community during the implementation of the vaccination campaign against COVID-19”.