PULSЕ Foundation – Positive Personality Skills in the Society

Mission: By developing the emotional and psychic potential of people to create the conditions for building a harmonious relationship between them based on equality, understanding and tolerance, leading to successful integration and realization in the society.

The main goals of the organization are:

  1. to contribute to the intellectual, professional and spiritual development and stimulate the raising of the social status of Bulgarian women;
  2. to protect the rights of victims of violence, trafficking and other forms of exploitation as well as dependents of psychoactive substances and their families in the direction of social integration and personal realization;
  3. develop and implement projects and programs to support victims of violence, trafficking and other forms of exploitation as well as psychoactive addicts and their families;
  4. to develop and implement specialized programs for the recovery of people, victims and perpetrators of violence;
  5. Create and develop training programs for working with people who have suffered from violence, trafficking and other forms of exploitation, as well as those dependent on psychoactive substances and their families;
  6. to cooperate with state and municipal institutions and non-governmental organizations to solve the problems in the priority areas;
  7. to support youth initiatives and build youth prevention programs.

A multidisciplinary approach to work enables the organization to offer:

  • crisis center,
  • Crisis intervention,
  • psychological counseling,
  • long-term psychotherapeutic work,
  • Family counseling and pair therapy,
  • legal services and case management,
  • social mediation,
  • Occupational therapy,
  • own experience groups,
  • Supervision,
  • trainings.

Target groups:

  • people affected by physical, mental and / or sexual violence, victims or potential victims of violence and / or trafficking or other forms of exploitation,
  • children living in dysfunctional families, associally exposed, homeless children and adolescents in a risky environment,
  • Roma community – specific subgroup,
  • injecting drug users (IDUs),
  • adolescents and young people at risk,
  • Representatives of institutions and practitioners involved in child development (mainly from the justice and law enforcement system in the Southwest region),
  • the general public.

Geographical scope of activity: regional; The PULSE Foundation also participates in national and international networks.