PIRGOS Association is professional non-government, non-for-profit non-political organization founded in 1998th, with headquarters in Pirot. More than 19 years PIRGOS Association successfully promoting democratic principles, developing civil society and raising awareness about democracy, European integrations and core values of an open free society. We have successful for cooperation with donors, local and regional authorities, institutions, business sector and organizations from Serbia and other countries.

MISSION: PIRGOS Association stimulates and support direct citizens’ participation on local and regional level through implementation of projects and initiatives in cooperation with local community, organizations and institutions. PIRGOS Association is achieving its goals through dialogue, training, information sharing and stimulation of sustainable development.

VISION: Serbia is democratic, European oriented state active in identification and solving its problems and ready to contribute in improvement of surroundings.

Core values of PIRGOS Association

  • Innovative approach
  • Professionalism
  • Recognition by partners from Serbia and other states
  • Dedication to community and mutual confidence
  • Team work, dedication to our vision and solidarity in work.

Programs of PIRGOS Association

  • Civil society development and the rule of law program
  • Program of local economic development
  • Active youth program
  • Cross-border cooperation program
  • European integration program