Civil society organization Proactive was registered in February 2010. Ten experienced CSO activists decided to establish Proactive because they believed in the future of a professionalized CSO sector that is part of the citizenry, coexisted with the real problems and needs of people in local communities and is ready to deal with these issues professionally and responsibly.

The mission of PROACTIVE is to create a stimulating, proactive environment through civic actions in southeastern Serbia and local communities in the Balkans, and Serbia, country of proactive citizens.

The objectives of the PROACTIVE association are:

  • Decentralization as a basis for further political and economic development of Serbia;
  • Development of the society for the integration of Serbia into the European Union;
  • Economic development of Serbia with special attention to South Serbia;
  • Strengthening youth capacity for active roles in society;
  • Respecting the citizens of Serbia as active participants in decision-making processes.

In order to achieve this goals in last  8 years, we successfully implement projects with the help and support of numerous partners: Young Researchers of Serbia, Media and Reform Center Nis, Južne vesti, Group Kobra, Civic Initiatives, Diaspora Cooperation Office, Regional Development Agency “JUG”, Foundation Ana and Vlade Divac, Timocki Youth Center, Educational Center Krusevac, Sombor Educational Center, FORCA Pozega, National Coalition for Decentralization…