Centre for Creative Development – Knjaževac was founded in 2004 as local youth organization. In last fourteen years we worked on improving the status of children and young people in our community through many local, national and international projects and initiatives.

Mission of the Center for Creative Development – Knjaževac is a commitment to improving the position of children and youth at all levels based on democratic values ​​and principles of partnership between the civil, public and business sectors.

Our target group are children and young people. The wider target group are parents and individuals and institutions / organizations working with children and youth.

The goals of the Association are:

  1. Development of active participation of children and youth in society,
  2. Empowering children and young people to participate in decision-making processes,
  3. Organizing children and young people for creative purposes,
  4. Supporting children and young people to exercise their rights,
  5. Development of intercultural values ​​in children and young people,
  6. Support to parents, guardians and institutions working with children and young people.

In 2006 we founded the youth club InterCOOLt, which has about 30 members – mostly of secondary school students who are participants in the activities organized by CKR – Knjazevac.

Through several projects, we have developed a partnership with COB “Zelena zona” from Knjazevac, “Open Club” from Nis, “Association for development of creativity” from Aleksinac, “I Have Idea” from Kraljevo, “Timocki Youth Center” from Zajecar, as well as from elementary schools “Vuk Karadzic” from Knjazevac and “Mitropolit Mihailo” from Sokobanja, Technical School from Knjazevac and Knjazevac Gymnasium.

The Center for Creative Development – Knjazevac has trainers in the field of intercultural education, human rights, children’s rights, volunteerism, peer mediation, cultural mediation and public advocacy, coordinators and leaders of international work camps, sports trainers, artists …