Active Society

Mission / main objectives:

(1) Assistance to promote European values: Human dignity, Freedom, Democracy, Equality, the rule of law and respect of human rights.

  1. To support the public debate on the full implementation of European legislation and standards in the Republic of Bulgaria;
  2. To contribute to the development of civic, environmental and political culture and to raising citizens’ awareness of the content and mechanisms of their rights and freedoms;

(2) Creating opportunities for the full development, social realization and employment of citizens with a focus on young people.

(3) Promoting tolerance, solidarity and gender equality;

(4) Encourage and support the delivery of services for the integration of vulnerable youth groups from society, incl. unemployed, students and university students, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, etc.;

(5) To represent, protect and develop the interests and needs of young people by developing initiatives aimed at: promoting and respecting fundamental human and civil rights; improving the quality of life of young people and combating anti-social phenomenas in society;

(6) Encourage and develop formal and informal education and training, volunteering, civic activity and civic responsibility among youth, form an active civic position and develop activities and initiatives aimed at social inclusion of young people in society and their active participation in the processes of decision-making in the country;

(7) Carrying out an active and effective structured dialogue in the field of civic participation and building sustainable mechanisms for dialogue with the state administration for preservation, development and investment in the civil sector;

(8) Increasing the qualification of the members of the association and building, developing and coordinating a network of regional and sectoral representatives (coordinators);

(9) Creating and maintaining loyal partnerships with related non-governmental organizations at national, European and international level;

(10) To participate in the development of environmental policies, strategies and practices at all levels and to promote public sector involvement in environmental management, including:

  1. dissemination of environmental knowledge and application of the experience and policy of the European Union as well as other foreign effective experience in environmental protection and access to information;
  2. raising public ecological and civic awareness;
  3. Assisting companies, associations, local authorities and other users in environmental management and auditing systems;
  4. protect the interests of citizens and organizations with a responsible policy on environmental protection and access to information in their relations with public institutions in the field of the environment.
  5. support for the provision of possible relief, decentralization and deregulation for those who have successfully implemented environmental management systems.
  6. organizing programs for ecological and civic education for different ages.

Areas of activity: Youth activity; Volunteering; Education and training; Preparation of analyzes and reports; Project development and management; Information and consultancy services;

Target groups: Young people; Local communities; Local authorities; NGOs

Geographical scope of activity: Vidin District, but we are building own regional and national network