“Bratstvo 1869” community centre was established on 1 July 1869 and is the oldest cultural institution in Kyustendil region. Over the years, it has established itself as an important center for cultural activity on the territory of Southwestern Bulgaria.

The aim of the organization is to satisfy the needs of citizens related to the development and enrichment of cultural life, social and educational activities in the locality where it operates, preserving the customs and traditions of the Bulgarian people, broaden the knowledge of citizens and their integration into values and achievements of science, art and culture.

Since 2005 the community centre is situated the office of the Regional Expert-Consulting and Information Centre “Community Centers” – Kyustendil, responsible for community centers from Kyustendil district.

Since 2006 community centre “Bratstvo 1869” is a regional “Eurodesk” point. Eurodesk is an information network of the European Union created to support and provide information and advices to young people and professionals from all over Europe.

In 2009, the Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria approved the Community centre for the Europe Direct Information Centre. The Centre offers all kinds of information related to the European Union – http://www.europedirect-kn.info. From 2013, the Centre Europe Direct – Kyustendil has been approved by the European Commission’s Representation in Bulgaria to continue its activity in the new programming period as part of the third generation of Europe Direct Information Centres.

In 2011 the community centre Bratstvo 1869 was accredited as a hosting and sending organization to the European Voluntary Service.

In 2012 one Youth Information and Consultant Centre – Kyustendil was opened in the Community centre under the National Programme for Youth – http://mikc.projectkn.com.

Community centre “Bratstvo 1869” organizes annually: International Competition for Classical Guitar “Acad. Marin Goleminov “- www.guitar.bratstvokn.org, “Pautalia” – International Folklore Contest, National Singing Song Festival “Song of Heart”, Binyo Ivanov National Literary Contest, International Chamber Music Academy, National Dance Festival “Dance Fair under Hisarlaka”, International Festival “Great Teachers” and International Competition for Pianists “Victor Merzhenov”.

In the community cetre “Bratstvo 1869” are working: Kyustendil Guitar Orchestra, “Osogovo” Children’s Dance Group, “Nerazdelni” Vocal Band, “Zvezditza” and “Trepetlika” Children’s Folklore Groups and Folk Formation “Strumski polah”, Folk Art Formation,  Studio for modern dances “Debut”, “Bratstvo” Choir, “Osogovo Echo” Tourist Choir, “Sing Heart” Group for old urban songs, “Peutalia” Sports Dance Club, Children’s Music School with guitar classes, violin, piano, solfeggio and elementary theory of music, synthesizer and accordion, folk singing, pop and classical singing.

There are also working here – a language school – English language, applied and fine arts courses, “Bremen Musicians” Children’s Theater, Kyustendil Regional Club, Humorous’ “Green Horse” Club and Women’s Poetry Workshop “Vesa Paspaleeva” Geographic Society – Kyustendil and others.
The cinema shows, theater productions, exhibitions, concerts, festivals and other cultural events, as well as numerous cultural events, conferences and seminars organized by Kyustendil municipality, schools, kindergartens, external organizations, structures, etc. are held in the Community sentre.
More than 1000 people are trained and wrking in courses and clubs at the Community centre.

Community centre “Bratstvo 1869” conducts a social policy aimed to developing the creative potential of children and young talent with limited financial possibilities, providing a great deal of training in courses and schools for free.

The Community centre has attracted 50 volunteers that are involved in campaigns of a different nature – climate change, fight against poverty and social exclusion, 9 May – Europe Day, 12 August – Youth Day, etc.

The organization works with young people with disabilities, young people from the Roma ethnic community, with different target groups – children, students, working and elderly people who take part in schools, courses, clubs and creative collectives.

Community centre “Bratstvo 1869” works in close cooperation with all cultural institutes, schools and kindergartens on the territory of the Kyustendil Municipality, the Kyustendil Regional Administration, the nine municipal administrations of Kyustendil region, state and educational institutions, non-governmental organizations and others.

During the years the community centre has realized many projects, funded by different European and national programmes, such as:
– “Volunteering as a way of building European citizenship”, Youth in Action Programme, Action 2 – European Voluntary Service.
– “Let’s Move, Clean Up, Have Fun” Project, EU Youth in Action Programme.
– Cross-border cooperation and networking through e-learning and career development co-funded by the European Union through the Bulgaria-Serbia IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme.