On the occasion of International Volunteer Day, Volunteer service Novi Sad on 7th December 2018. organized conference “Volunteering energy” with idea to show results achieved so far and start a discussion about the importance of volunteering and exchange of experiences.

Participants, volunteers and organizers of volunteering, had a chance to hear thematic sessions about volunteering formats, feeling of belonging to the community and stories about volunteer experiences.

Conference organizers recognized our initiative as a good practice example and during one session gave us an opportunity to present the “Moving borders for volunteering” project achievements and our experiences in volunteering in cross border area of Bulgaria and Serbia. On the same panel, we heard recommendations from Croatian volunteer centers network and EU Japan fest.

Volunteer service Novi Sad is a platform for organizing volunteering activities for the European youth capital 2019 and European capital of culture 2021. From May 2018. this service gave a support for 40 various activities in the fields of sport, culture, youth work, health and environment protection. In their database is more than 500 volunteers, and until now they implemented 3000 volunteer hours.

Full conference report is available on Serbian language on OPENS website.