International Volunteer Day

Voluntary work as a form of citizen participation in the processes of community development, dedicates more and more attention at a global level. The United Nations has declared December 5th as International Volunteer Day and the Year 2001 was declared the International Year of Volunteers. The European Union devotes a lot of attention to voluntary work. Youth activism through volunteer work [...]

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Volunteer camp

Volunteer camp is a unique form of volunteer work that brings together volunteers from different countries, cultures and backgrounds, in order to collaboratively socialize, meet with local community and work to resolve local problems. More information available in Common Methodology for social volunteering across border area of Bulgaria and Serbia (page 15).

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What is EVS?

One of the most popular programs for long-term volunteering is EVS, part of the “Erasmus +” KA1 (Key action 1) and is intended for long-term exchange of volunteers between countries of the European Union and most of the other countries of the world. EVS gives the opportunity to young people from 17 to 30 years old (in some cases [...]

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